Friday, March 17, 2006

On cats

The crucial subject of cats has already been raised in the comments sections, so why not address it upfront - I freely confess to being a serious cat lover from ever since my early childhood. In my opinion the domestic cat (felis catus) is effortlessly the highest life form on the planet. No question about that. We "have" an elegant looking (though fairly lighthearted and non-serious) grey tabby (by the the name of - well, Cat) at home. When I do home office work, he usually takes the sofa opposite me as his sleeping place, selecting variously ecstatic, deeply unconscious positions - when not eating or playing or looking meditatingly into the eternity. His life quality is about zillion times higher than ours: a clearly superior being. Strange that liberal and progressive bloggers seem to be very often cat lovers while the conservatives (along with Hitler and Stalin) seem to prefer dogs. I don't mind dogs - they are very nice, warm hearted, unconditionally obedient people, but cats simply are in a class of their own combining an esthetic, independent existence with a deep philosophic Zen unity with the world. Maybe one day we will evolve to some equivalent level but till that, there are always open positions for can openers.


Gard E Abrahamsen said...

I have already started writing the script for the Bollywood movie "Feed the cat!"

It will be grand. Very grand.

stockholm slender said...

Song and dance numbers will of course be central - I was wondering how many limbs should the cat have, 32 perhaps?

i said...

i can imagine, all these songs and dances. and everything very dramatic, as is the topic. feed the cat!!!!