Thursday, September 26, 2019

Kus on Konstantin Pätsi haud? Kus on Jaan Tõnissoni haud? Kus on kindral Laidoneri haud?

Meditating on that wave of liberation and emancipation, the late 80's, the falling of the wall. The liberal Europe, its seiren song, the mostly pragmatic, rational US (at least in the West). And then, what happened? - further relaxation of the capital controls, robber capitalism, the explosion of private debt and public corruption. Not what was supposed to happen at all. And now in 2019, the former bastions of the liberal order, the US and Britain are mad and chaotic, capital ever gaining on work, the finance sector casually buying politicians, the centre not holding at all. History is merciless, it doesn't give respite, triumphs fade and are forgotten, ideals crumble.

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