Thursday, January 05, 2017

To have kissed any person behind the fence where the nettles wither

To age is a weird experience: any perspective you gain might not be that trustworthy as it skews the original experience. And the regret you thus accumulate might be quite or partially mistaken. Well, in any case, there certainly were no kisses with no boys, almost no boys, no girls, in my early years, and there probably should have been many I now gather with this benefit of hindsight, this wisdom only too expensively earned surely. Though still thinking perhaps it was not only a loss - or is this too esoteric or elegiac a point to entertain? The absence in some respects being more meaningful than the presence at the time would have realistically been?

Of course talking in much wider sense than mere relationships - rather of that long life denying period of my late teens and early 20's, and, no, I well know that it wasn't a total loss and much was earned, even with a high price. Oh well, a rather beautiful song in the early morning hours led to this mostly fruitless observation.

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