Friday, January 06, 2017

The glory days of the Empire are over

I have been having an interesting debate with a friend about the Trump phenomenon - he thinks it's not much of a change for: a) the republic will endure in any case and b) it has always been corrupt. Well, I don't think so: there was much prudent leadership during the Cold War, much good will and patient wisdom in building the post-wars structures in the 40's and 50's that ended up defeating the state Stalin built. Corruption too, of course, but corruption held in check with many countering forces.

Now those forces have weakened, some becoming corrupt themselves. Now we have a large section of the media sowing hatred and ignorance, large religious movements that have forgotten what traditional Christianity is about, fractured, defensive and declining system of public education. Virtue not rewarded, greed and shortsightedness gifted with ever greater profits to ever fewer people.

Yes, the glory days are over and the federal government itself is now in the hands of a corrupt, ignorant thug and rabble rouser. Things have changed and centre is ever less holding.

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