Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Sveriges rikes lag

It has been a rather strange experience to witness this modern and so newly re-established Finnish national radicalism of these past few years, this present wave of only recently so safely retro sentiments. And how familiar they are for a long time history student: still going along the well trodden path of us not being a Nordic land, not being a Western liberal nation - in the 1930's the promised anti-enlightenment land was Germany and today it's Russia. Always orientating towards the strongest contemporary anti-liberal, anti-humanist, disgusting centre.

Well, fine, let us then really rehearse this battle once again: for we are a Nordic country, a country of laws and liberties, centuries old, a country of citizens, not subjects or pre-determined categories of people. There is a patriotic vision of hope and progress and there is a national-radical vision of hatred, ignorance and regression, so let us then rehearse this battle again.

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