Thursday, July 23, 2015

Not as a farce

Though there are farcical aspects to the EU:s current 1930's re-enactment project: the ingenious and utterly mad way to circulate money via Greece (like a patient etherised upon a table) in a never ending vicious circle comes to mind. But it is no laughing matter: people suffer and many, probably most, suffer needlessly. I would not have thought this level of incompetence and cynicism possible (and I have witnessed George W. Bush's both administrations), but possible it is, and the grand (if overly bureaucratic and pompous) Franco-German European project lies in ruins.

And Germany really seems hell bent on destroying Europe's economy in every couple of generations - this hysterical, vindictive, sadistic, petty-bourgeois narrow mindedness (not to speak of amazing hypocrisy and dishonesty - whose banks were actually saved??) is indeed as far removed from Keynes as you can humanly be without having panzers involved. Maddening times with nothing learned either from history or macro economics.