Monday, January 27, 2014

Liht mec heht gewyrcan

Have been going back to some early incluences. Good taste, I must say, it was not all stupidity: no harry potters or the equivalent for me, but the actual stuff, the good stuff. And what amazing sense of history, of centuries does shine so brilliantly from "The Dark Is Rising" - that really must have been one of the central things along with certain others: "The Sword at Sunset" comes to mind, and Tolkien of course, above all, those mad appendixes, reeking of history, of a magic sense of the long perspective - combined with such high adventure: tonight will be bad, and tomorrow will be beyond all imagining... Excellent fragments I did have even if needed to shore against such abundance of ruins.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Carry me to the cold

A dramatic wall of cloud to the south over the still open Gulf of Finland, kept away by the bitter northerly breeze, inland the blue afternoon sky already turning towards pale orange hues: winter has surprised us, coming late in mid-January with a full blast of Arctic air - reading George Eliot in the warm bus, keeping to the old sport of reconciling feeling and intelligence, with varying success, as always. Sometimes we do cross to the other side of silence and although the roar is deafening, it is necessary. We need to live with passion, with intelligence, with feeling. This is not the place nor time yet to fully address some private issues but during these last few years, imperceptibly, I did lose much of my connection to the essential. That has meant some impossibly bad failings in my private life too. Well, this blog has never been meant for any personal things but certain important truths should still be mentioned, just for the record.