Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Long live the February Revolution

One more sepia tinged loving portrait of "Nicky and Alix" and I'll be throwing up. That narrow, rigid, selfblind, stupid couple should not have been in charge of a post office, not to speak of an empire of 150 million people. Of course we are talking about the system, but they do embody its hatefulness, injustice and inherent cruelty. Yes, they really do.

There never was a revolution so justified as the February Revolution. And the fact that the liberals did not seize it but were terrified and disorganized opening the door for Lenin and Trotsky is a direct concequence of that system, of that particular personal rule. Nicky and Alix, accompanied by the bizarre high aristocracy and officialdom, opened the door for Lenin and so Stalin was a logical concequence of that sepia tinged reign of immense stupidity and casual cruelty.