Thursday, January 17, 2013

Party like it's the 1850's

It has been rather fascinating to witness the gradual derangement of the mainstream of the Republican party - quite in the same way as it would be "fascinating" to witness Titanic sliding towards the iceberg. To see a major party lose it's connection to the shared empirical reality and rationality is a, well, quite a thing. It really has reminded me of the 1850's: this seething rage, this disconnect with all sense and moderation. I wonder how it will end. Because end it will, there will inevitably be a closing of this chasm, one way or the other.

I admit to a certain foreboding. The Republic is not as vigorous as it used to be - the elites are corrupt or cynical, and important sections of them on the right actually share the antiempirical lunacy of the extremist rank and file. Even very outlandish things could happen in such circumstances.