Saturday, January 23, 2010


There are not many more miraculous things than natural science in our human world. What has been established is strange beyond anything imaginable, and it does say quite a bit of us that we have been able to establish this strangeness. However, every now and then there creeps a certain imperious arrogance into the tones of many defenders of science (in these surprisinginly superstitious and credulous times) - a certain sense of finiteness. Of all things. A sense that we have already established pretty much everything there is to be established, only some closing touches needed for the Theory of Everything in physics, and that will be it. This appears very silly to me: it is quite evident that we haven't even begun to touch the beginnings of the possibilities of our experience. Who knows what will be established in the future, who knows what we will come to realize about the potential of our awareness? It appears self-evident to me that we are only at the very beginning of our journey, and it seems quite possible that we will never even get a chance to seriously set on it (in these surprisingly superstitious and credulous, hysterical times).